If you tried every above tricks to fix your router problem then you should try to upgrade the Tends device’s firmware if any bugs exist. Many routers have good advanced features but still, some have flaws that can make life a harder and quite annoying too. I will tell you the most 6 annoying ones and their solutions too.  

Slow internet speeds in certain rooms: 

Move your router and If your router is in a far corner of your house. Covering a great deal of the outside world and not enough of your home and There should be a proper distance between router and the device so that it could get a proper signal. You can adjust your antenna if possible instead of putting it horizontally, keep it vertically. It will give the better signals to the device. If you want more information about Asus router then you can visit on Asus Router Customer Number  

No devices can connect to the network wireless: 

Plug the laptop or and other devices directly using an Ethernet cable and see if you can connect that way. If this works, your WiFi is the problem. If not, then your internet connectivity may be down. You can contact your ISP. 

A particular device can not connect the network: 

May bet it is just a mandatory problem. Try to turn off the Wi-Fi on your device, then again enable it. And also unplug the modem and plug it back in 30 seconds later. If it does not work, and the problem occurs again, just delete the current network from the list of your saved networks on your device and then reconnect it again. linksys router customer service

Connection drops at random times: 

It may happen if you use the microwave, your connections drop. It may sound weird but some routers have a problem with this. For this, changing the router’s channel might help you. Asus Router Customer Service